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  As a young girl I experienced my first of three knee surgeries and knew I was destined to work in healthcare.  At the time I had my heart set on being a physician with a sports medicine specialty.  Little did I know that God had some big things in store for me when I stumbled onto Chiropractic and never looked back.

   This is when I met Dr. Troxell, or “T” as we called him. A world renowned chiropractor, Dr. T ranked in the top 4 in the world and had mentored nearly a thousand interns. He became a father figure to me and he asked me to begin preparation for his intern exam and become an instructor for him.  I worked very closely with him for nearly two-and-a-half years, studying, observing, and teaching.  Unfortunately, four months before I graduated Dr. T passed away, but he left a huge network of doctors/colleagues that make up the Gonstead Methodology Institute (GMI), for which I currently teach and occupy a seat on the Board of Directors.

   Less than a year into practice things were better than I had ever imagined they could be.  I loved life and the fact that every morning I was able to wake up and touch someone’s life.  Then one cold winter night I nearly lost my only brother.  He was in an auto accident, his car rolled three times and he was ejected from the vehicle.  His injuries were so extensive he spent five weeks in the hospital.  The events that took place during that time allowed me to see the dynamic spectrum of healthcare in the United States.  I remember standing toe to toe arguing with his very prestigious physicians that we didn’t feel their recommendation of partial amputation was his best option.  My brother decided to forego the surgery and let his body heal itself as it’s designed to do, with the help of chiropractic.  Today he walks with a minor limp as opposed to using crutches or a wheelchair.  This is when I knew exactly why chiropractic and its endless opportunities found me.

    I was born and raised in Bertrand, Nebraska.  Upon graduation, I moved to Colby, Kansas where I completed my first year of general studies with a Pre-Med major.  Within one week of finals I had packed all my belongings and moved out to Davenport, Iowa where I received my Bachelors in Science and my Doctorate of Chiropractic. I now reside in Lexington, Nebraska and have been practicing since February 2008.  My family is still in the surrounding areas so my free time is spent with them, and numerous friends. 


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